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Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans

A melange of aesthetics and high speed!

Crafted with high quality materials for superior technology and higher air delivery and performance, this alluring range of fans is the perfect blend of world class technology and state of the art design. With high grade aluminum blades that are aerodynamically balanced and a rich paint finish, these fans are designed to impress.

Highlights : Fan with LED, High Air Delivery and Large body with strong motor

Range : 600mm - 1400mm

20% more copper

20% More Copper

Pre greased and pre sealed

Pre Greased and Pre Sealed

Large body and strong motor

Large Body and Strong Motor

Excellent air delivery even at low voltage

Excellent Air Delivery even at low voltage

Portable Fans

Portable Fans

Designed to adapt

Designed smartly to provide maximum air delivery in any shape or space of the room, the Luminous portable fan range keeps in mind the principle of space utilization. With long lasting ‘San’ blades and a secure thermal control system, these fans also meet a modern visual aesthetic!

Highlights : Negative Ionizer, Dual Axis Oscillation and available in Table, Wall and Pedestal fans

Range : 230mm - 500mm

Hi air delivery

Hi Air Delivery

Child safe

Child Safe

Super secure with thermal control

Super Secure with Thermal Control

Long lasting ‘san’ blade

Long Lasting ‘San’ blade

Ventillating Fans

Ventillating Fans

A blend of utility and beauty!

The Luminous Ventilating Fans range are designed with superior air suction technology in both marble and plastic finishes, making these fans both useful and aesthetically appealing.

Highlights : Easy to Clean, Dust Repellent and Superior air suction

Range : upto 300mm

Gravity shutter

Gravity Shutter

Rust proof

Rust Proof

Stylish design

Stylish Design

Robust design

Robust Design

LED Lighting

LED Lighting: Ultra Bright LED

The smart way to brighten your home!

The glare free LED lights offer optimum brightness to make a home more aesthetically appealing. Designed smartly to save energy, these lights conserve upto 85% energy as compared to other lights!

Highlights : Glare Free illumination, Battens, Surface Panels, Strips, High Surge Protection and available in LED Bulbs

Range : 0.5W - 45W

Lifelong bright leds

Lifelong Bright LEDs

Robust electronics

Robust Electronics

Certified bright leds

Certified Bright LEDs

Glare free illuminination

Glare Free Illuminination