Powerful batteries that last a life-time Powerful batteries that last a life-time
Tubular range

Tubular Range

Performance that never stops!

Tubular batteries with lightning fast recharge and thicker positive plates with 20% more electrolyte are best suited for areas with frequent power cuts. These also require minimum maintenance and are abuse resistant for a longer life!

Highlights : Tall Tubular Technology, Easy maintenance and Factory charged ready to use battery

Range : 100Ah - 220Ah

Long life

Long Life

Low maintenance

Low Maintenance

Strong container

Strong Container



Gel range

Gel Range

Once fit, forget it!

Completely spill proof gel batteries that require no water top up guarantee up to 20% more power and a longer life! With thick tubular plates and a robust build, these batteries require close to no maintenance and offer a consistent backup.

Highlights : Gel Technology, Robust Construction and Thick tubular plates

Range : Tubular GEL : 150Ah - 200Ah
GEL VRLA : 100Ah – 200Ah

No top up required

No Top Up Required

Maintenance free

Maintenance Free

Zero spillage risk

Zero Spillage Risk

Constant power, Longer life

Constant Power, Longer Life

VRLA range

VRLA Range

A zero stress battery for your peace of mind!

More surface area equals more power and that’s exactly what this maintenance free battery with a thick plate construction does! With AGM technology for efficient gas recombination, this range is also super safe to use due to its rubber safety valve!

Highlights : Maintenance Free, AGM Technology and Rubber Safety Valve

Range : C10: 100Ah- 200Ah
C20: 5Ah – 200Ah

No maintenance

No Maintenance

AGM Technology

AGM Technology

Rubber safety valve

Rubber Safety Valve

Recyclable & low self discharge

Recyclable & Low Self Discharge

Solar Battery

Solar Battery

Back-up by the Sun!

Solar Batteries are C10 rated deep cycle batteries specially designed for longer back up.

Highlights : Tubular Technology, Efficient Performance and Longer Life

Range : 20Ah - 200Ah

Optimized for Solar

Optimized for Solar

Widest range

Widest Range

Very low maintenance

Very Low Maintenance

High temperature Performance

High temperature Performance